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Monster jump Monster jump

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Oh god it's horrible xD

No... there are just WAY to much jump games on newgrounds.. I do like them sometimes.. but one that's made in ONE day ??.. I mean ... at least try to make some nice graphics.. add some nice music (this one loops too much :(), and sound when u take coins.. make some foes, cause I really don't see where the difficulty lies in this game. Make the screen constantly moving and add some power-ups.. Or just try to make something more original WITH some effort, cause this has been done a thousand times before .:)

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j0nte33 responds:

hihi =P i was so excited when i could make games to swf files... so i just made a quick game to just test and see =) haha i know the music is annoying...( sorry about that) i know i could have done more objects and like enemies. but i think i will upgrade this alot when i have time. im going to upgrade tomorow if i can... with

Darkness 2 - CoE Darkness 2 - CoE

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I first wrote this review in the stolen version of this game,
I guess that one will soon be deleted, so I will give you my review and I hope you will read it :p. Amazing...! Well the graphics aren't super, I mean I'm just a ball, there are rotating saws, and there are some rooms. But the dye-effect is just AWESOME! It really looks amazing, and also the game is very very good. there were some hard levels, like a level where I had to jump somewhere to the wall, and then a block moved and it was possible to take the key. also the 3 different kind of shots are awesome. (I barely use the 3rd power, cause I think it isn't that helpful.) Also the 'guide', the white text made me feel less lonely :p. But I have to say that there were only a few hard lvls, and some lvl felt the same. I also want to ask why the color of the dye changes into red somewhere in the middle of the game. And sometimes the collusion was not good, like when I push a block, and the lines are like this : / /
I was possible to jump / walk on it (ON BOTH SIDES!!!) in lvl 8 for example (In this lvl I had to shoot the objects with a bomb, but I could just walk 'through' them ^_^. Well however, this is one of the best submissions in Newgrounds, this game should be in the top 50 :D. I hope my review was a little bit useful, and Keep up Your good work.

Toastache Toastache

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


hahah seriously lol.. this is a really nice game.. the graphics are nice, the sound is funny (although sometimes I can hear double sound when I push space bar.) Also the gameplay is fun. It took me a while to figure out how to use space bar :p. first I thought it was just to speed everything a little bit up, but after another while I felt and then used it, and I was possible to fly !! I really like the graphics, after a while the game gets another background, fire, ice (I don't know if there are more, are there??).. Well I died at the fire thing when I ran out of butter XD. with a score of 2846. I also liked the how to play option, a game is incomplete without an tutorial. And I liked the different kind of platforms, like the increasing and decreasing platforms. Also customizing your character / having achievements is really original!! (maybe add some more achievements like have a negative score, or get a score of 1500 without using the butter-power). So overall it's just an amazing game. Hope you'll make a lot more!! Good job!

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Rapid Roll Rapid Roll

Rated 2 / 5 stars

yes a little bit too simple

well, I have to say, it kept me amused for a few minutes. But it's just bad.. the music loop is way too boring.. and the graphics are also very bad. So is the gameplay actually.. It was just a stupid standard game with bad graphics and bad sound. It could really need some improvements, to start at the engine.. You shouldn't make this in blocks, I can just play this game with pressing the arrow keys repetitively . You should make it that I have to hold them to move. Also you should get a better loop, cause this one is boring and does really not fit in the game. Also you could improve the character and the graphics of all the platforms, cause just balls and lines looks really ugly. Maybe you could add levels to the game, so that it's more challenging and people will like it better. It also isn't really hard, the first time I played I got 7,500 points. And, if you won't add any levels, you should 'improve' the platforms. maybe some more platforms for extra score, or moving platforms. Also you should really think of a nice background, just a grey screen is real;y boring/ugly. But I did like that it was possible to submit my score. Also it was nice that you made some instructions. Well I hope you'll make a sequel with some really nice improvements. And I think that will work with all these criticism ;).

dreamdream responds:

Thanks a lot to give me a best review .
Actually its my first game.And I will try next time to do more more better
and I ill also try to fulfill all of your instructions.

Effing Worms Effing Worms

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hahah superb!!

awesome game.. Just super. The graphics are seriously great, so is the gameplay.. It's also awesome to upgrade my gigantic worm. the sounds are amazing. and it's just cool to kill as many ppl as possible :P. It's only a little bit sad that it ends here, and not more upgrades, or the possibility to kill the airplanes that drop bombs on me. Also it kinda sucks that when I can upgrade, I have to choose one of the options and not get them both. Although this makes it more fun to play the game more times. Maybe in a sequel you can add some special powers. With like more controls, cause now it's kinda too easy (I did die a few times). Hope you'll make some kind of sequel. Keep up the good work!

Binary Binary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice!!

this game is really nice. I first thought it was more like an action game. But it was actually a puzzle game. Well normally I don't like puzzles. But I definitely liked this one!! Its graphics are really nice. also it is really challenging and fun to play. The only bad thing, was that the end was a little bit weak. I could use a music there, also just more music/sound in the whole game. But all the other things were great. I can't really think of any improvements for you, except adding some sound. And maybe give the character a kind of emotion :). Or maybe you could just make an action game? Well, nicely done. I'm looking forwards to see some more work of you !!

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Zombies Took My Daughter! Zombies Took My Daughter!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow, this is really epic, the music was so depressive that it looked like I was never going to find her and even if I would find her, she would die. But I did found her :). it took me 33 hours (in the game) and I killed 506 zombies, and saved 28 survivors. But I did find her!! It's just an awesome game, the gameplay is super. the graphics are cool. the sound is depressive, but good. Only, sometimes There were some places where it is almost impossible to get there, places in windows, where i can't climb up. But this doesn't really matter. Makes me feel I'm really just a little human in the middle of zombies. not a kind of superhero, like in the most games. Also I liked it that there were a lot of weapons. Like melee weapons, a teddybear xD, a french bread, an umbrella. There were also a lot of fire-weapons. shotgun, auto-shotgun, combat-shotgun.
and bazooka. there were even projectiles (Moltov coctail). But what I liked the most were the other survivors, they had a nice AI. Also they made me feel less alone :) (except they just left me when they saw the sub-thing). Well, this game is in one word Epic!! Keep up the good work.

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Operation Music A Operation Music A

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hahah it is awesome!!

some time ago i saw this in the portal. then I favorited it. Today I saw it again and I wanted to play so I did. with my own music Dream Theater - A Nightmare To Remember (16:10) and I got a score of 4773151 (small shining pieces 64%, cyan pieces 46% (coincidence?)) . The first time I played it I really liked it, nice graphics, really fun and really original gameplay. also it was kinda addictive. And this time I played again, and i got ENORMOUS. I didn't know that was possible XD. I just thought I would shrink when I touched a red 'orb'. So that was kind of a new discovery. But the game is just awesome. It is sometimes a little bit hectically. like when i absorb a blue orb, there goes small little red orbs out of me, and I don't really know why.. So in some ways it is weird, but it's most of all awesome. Still keep up the good work, maybe make a sequel with more mods, or something. I also thing this really should be frontpaged :/

Moon Light Sparking Moon Light Sparking

Rated 4 / 5 stars


great game! this is a really nice new-formed classic game.. It took me a really took me a long time to figure the things out of the super bubbles (I didn't read you comment at first). but it is really amazing, if I just had a nice combo of over 20 bubbles that I popped, I just shot everywhere and the screen kept being white, that just gave em an awesome feeling. The graphics are really nice, also the gameplay is nice (although it isn't original). I don't really like the song, but all the other things are really OK, so this will be an 8.

PixEvo - The Fountain PixEvo - The Fountain

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

loved it.

the game is really good..! the sound is just amazing (after a while it starts to get annoying, but OK) Maybe you could change the sound when I evolve. Also when I'm a human, there is 1 pixel, that is really hard to get to.. it really took me a long time to get this one. but the gameplay of this game is just amazing, the only thing I didn't like were the graphics, I really don't like pixel games, but this one is just awesome. so the only reason that you won't get a 10 is because of the graphics (and maybe because we lost yesterday :( ). But keep up the good work!

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