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Dad's Home Dad's Home

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This guy would have a few dollars if he'd put adds in this.
This is a classic that has withstood the proof of time, unlike Newgrounds most submissions who are forgotten in a few months.
(I actually want to see the daily first of that day xD)

Fusushi Tuna Fusushi Tuna

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Wow, I really like this :). It's really really funny and well made, I like the kind of 'paper' background. The only thing I didn't like was the voice.. It might be on purpose.. But it still sounds sooo boring xD.. made me kinda tired . The funnyness and the graphics were a great compensation anyway :). And the voice also was kinda funny ^^. Overall it's really great! Keep up the good work!

The-Mercenary responds:

yea, the voice was suppose to be as boring as possible lol

BitterSweet BitterSweet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome :D

nice, the graphics are superamazing (although the quality isn't but I forgive you, better then a really big file). Also the song is awesome, It fits exactly in the mood of the character. Only the screams of the character are really weird XD, like a little baby. Also the storyline is amazing. Also I really like the effects and the different kind of views. The only thing I miss is a Menu, But I understand if you submitted this to Youtube you don't really need a menu :/. It's a sad but amazing story. Awesome Job!!!

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Monster jump Monster jump

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Oh god it's horrible xD

No... there are just WAY to much jump games on newgrounds.. I do like them sometimes.. but one that's made in ONE day ??.. I mean ... at least try to make some nice graphics.. add some nice music (this one loops too much :(), and sound when u take coins.. make some foes, cause I really don't see where the difficulty lies in this game. Make the screen constantly moving and add some power-ups.. Or just try to make something more original WITH some effort, cause this has been done a thousand times before .:)

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j0nte33 responds:

hihi =P i was so excited when i could make games to swf files... so i just made a quick game to just test and see =) haha i know the music is annoying...( sorry about that) i know i could have done more objects and like enemies. but i think i will upgrade this alot when i have time. im going to upgrade tomorow if i can... with

Darkness 2 - CoE Darkness 2 - CoE

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I first wrote this review in the stolen version of this game,
I guess that one will soon be deleted, so I will give you my review and I hope you will read it :p. Amazing...! Well the graphics aren't super, I mean I'm just a ball, there are rotating saws, and there are some rooms. But the dye-effect is just AWESOME! It really looks amazing, and also the game is very very good. there were some hard levels, like a level where I had to jump somewhere to the wall, and then a block moved and it was possible to take the key. also the 3 different kind of shots are awesome. (I barely use the 3rd power, cause I think it isn't that helpful.) Also the 'guide', the white text made me feel less lonely :p. But I have to say that there were only a few hard lvls, and some lvl felt the same. I also want to ask why the color of the dye changes into red somewhere in the middle of the game. And sometimes the collusion was not good, like when I push a block, and the lines are like this : / /
I was possible to jump / walk on it (ON BOTH SIDES!!!) in lvl 8 for example (In this lvl I had to shoot the objects with a bomb, but I could just walk 'through' them ^_^. Well however, this is one of the best submissions in Newgrounds, this game should be in the top 50 :D. I hope my review was a little bit useful, and Keep up Your good work.

Toastache Toastache

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


hahah seriously lol.. this is a really nice game.. the graphics are nice, the sound is funny (although sometimes I can hear double sound when I push space bar.) Also the gameplay is fun. It took me a while to figure out how to use space bar :p. first I thought it was just to speed everything a little bit up, but after another while I felt and then used it, and I was possible to fly !! I really like the graphics, after a while the game gets another background, fire, ice (I don't know if there are more, are there??).. Well I died at the fire thing when I ran out of butter XD. with a score of 2846. I also liked the how to play option, a game is incomplete without an tutorial. And I liked the different kind of platforms, like the increasing and decreasing platforms. Also customizing your character / having achievements is really original!! (maybe add some more achievements like have a negative score, or get a score of 1500 without using the butter-power). So overall it's just an amazing game. Hope you'll make a lot more!! Good job!

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The Final Attempt - The Place The Final Attempt - The Place

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best ^^

It rocks \m/
Is there going to be more? Is this an excisting band? Can u give me the lyrics? : D
It's really awesome, the second singer (screamer) was a good choice. When I normally think about heavy metal I think about constant screams & grunts, not as a second singer, except in Avenged Sevenfold sometimes. So it's kind of original. Not something I would expect to find at Newgrounds.. you inspirated me ^^

KhaahM responds:

It rocks \m/ - Yes
Is there going to be more? - Yes
Is this an excisting band? - Yes... but no... yes
Can u give me the lyrics? - Yes
It's really awesome, the second singer (screamer) was a good choice. - Yes
When I normally think about heavy metal I think about constant screams & grunts, not as a second singer, except in Avenged Sevenfold sometimes. - Me too
So it's kind of original. - Yes
Not something I would expect to find at Newgrounds.. - No
you inspirated me ^^ - Awesome!
Goodjob! - Thanks!

Revelation (AftyrLyfe) HHM! Revelation (AftyrLyfe) HHM!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So awesome :)

I remeber this song before it was deleted, I even have the song downloaded. I listened the song again today, and was actually searching for the lyrics. The song is so awesome. It gives me a strange nice feeling. I'll be waiting for more ^^
Good Job!

RemixF2D responds:

thx for the love bro. More fire coming. keep up


Roxenbury Keep Roxenbury Keep

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


there are a lot of underated songs in the music portal.

Chrispington responds:

lol i like to think so too :P

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toothless toothless

Rated 5 / 5 stars


echt geweldig, all jouw tekeningen zijn zwaar mooi, je bent sowieso mijn favoriete artist ^_^. vooral omdat ik draken vet vind :3. ik hoop echt dat je vooral nog veel meer maakt!!

Seriously great, all your pictures are super beautiful, you are definitely my favorite artist ^_^, especially because i like dragons :3. I really hope you'll make a lot more !!

Keep up the good work

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